Are you on the lookout for a fresh gift idea this Christmas? We’ve done some research and put together this handy list of 10 gift ideas that would suit any whiskey enthusiast. 

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10. Ship Themed Whiskey/Bourbon Decanter Set

Why not spice up your room with a novel ship-themed whiskey decanter. This is a high-quality and well-received product that would make the perfect gift for the whiskey/bourbon lover. The stand is finished with an attractive stained wood in mahogany and you’ll get 2 8oz glasses.

Whiskey Ship Decanter Set

9. The Complete Whiskey Course

Renowned whiskey educator Robin Robinson covers the spirit in detail as you’ve never seen before. An in-depth look into the history across multiple regions and countries, styles and finishes found across the world, the art of properly nosing and tasting to a professional level.  That’s not all as the book covers many more topics such as how to run your own whiskey tasting evening and some good advice on food pairings.

A highly recommended read for any whiskey enthusiast who might be looking for an A-Z of whiskey.

Complete Whiskey Course

8. Ice Cube Tray – 2.5 Inch Sphere Mould for Whiskey and Bourbon 

This quality product from Samuelworld will ensure you have the perfectly formed ice cubes to complement your whiskey. The design has been thought out with a handy funnel shape to reduce spillage whilst filling. Capable of making 4 2.5inch ball-shaped ice cubes as well as an additional mold to make 6 jumbo square ice cubes. Perfect safe for the dishwasher giving you a versatile and hassle-free experience.

The product is available in both grey and black and is constructed from flexible food-grade silicone to ensure easy removal.

Samuel World Ice Cube Tray

7. Set of 4 Glencairn Nosing Glasses

Most whisky enthusiasts will already be familiar with this brand as the leader of whiskey glassware.  I have extensively toured the Scottish whisky distilleries and I can tell you they all use Glencairn for their nosing and tasting. The design is just right for nosing and appreciating the full experience your whiskey has to offer. The bowl is designed to fully reveal colors and the base is solid and easy to control in the hands.

If you haven’t tried a proper nosing glass before then I highly recommend this set of 4 to get you started!

Glencairn Nosing Glass

6.  Moonshine Still – 5 Gallon (20 Liter) Stainless Home Brewer

Have you ever fancied having a go at distilling your own alcohol? It’s not as easy as it looks but it’s a load of fun to try! There are a myriad of moonshine stills on the market but the Speakeasy model shown here has many positive reviews and a mid-level price point. You can spend thousands on products like this but it’s unnecessary unless you want to make this a serious hobby.

This moonshine still is capable of brewing far more than just whisky – why not have a go at brewing your own wine, brandy or many other spirits.

Moonshine Still

5.  Half Barrel Garden Planter – Set of 2

If you love whiskey and gardening then why not combine both your passions at once? Perfect for some spring flowers or perhaps a herb garden – this product looks good in any setting. The planter is well designed with water drainage holes and feet to keep everything level and in position. The product is made from Polypropylene to ensure it will last for many years to come.

Dimensions are 16-1/4″W x 7-1/2″D x 11-3/4″H, each.

Whisky Barrel Garden Planter

4. Crystal Whiskey Tumblers – Marquis by Waterford Markham

Why not replace your whiskey tumblers with a high-quality crystal set from Waterford Markham. These are made in Italy to the highest standards and both look and feel amazing. Whiskey is expensive and it’s important to do everything you can to enhance the experience! The company has a rich history that can be traced back to 1783.

High Quality Whiskey Glasses

3. Whiskey Socks – Assorted 3 Pack with Whiskey Designs

A pack of 3 different socks featuring whiskey-related designs. This is a nice stocking filler for the whiskey enthusiast!

Whiskey Sock Gift

2. The Whisky Game – Whisky Themed Trivia Game

A novel and exciting game to play with family or a group of guests. The game is designed to test your whisky knowledge whilst keeping you on edge with twists and turns. An excellent gift idea for the connoisseur to test their knowledge and learn new whiskey facts!

The Whisky Game

1. Personalised American Oak Whiskey Barrel

This personalized barrel with laser engraving would make the absolute best whiskey gift idea! The barrel comes with everything you need to transform spirits and accelerate the aging process. The barrel features charred oak and comes with a bung, spigot, funnels, tablets and a comprehensive set of instructions).

You aren’t restricted to Whiskey/Bourbon as the barrel can be used for Tequila, Rum, Brandy, Cognac, Wine and many more.

Personalized American Oak Barrel